Sunday, March 22, 2009

Paying Parking Fine On-line

Kate and Roma managed to get a parking ticket for my car in the car park at Blackrock DART Station yesterday - they had overstayed their Pay-and-Display ticket by 30 minutes. The fine is €40 if paid within 28 days and of course these days you can pay a fine on-line at APCOA. The parking ticket man took six photos of the car, including the one shown here. I'm impressed with Kate's parking abilities to get the car into such a tight spot! 30 minutes is not much of an over-stay, but these days there is no mercy shown.

Since Google have been in the news a lot this week about privacy concerns over their Street View mapping tool with a lot of people wanting their details blotted out - I have blotted out the Ambulance drivers face in the photo above. (Just in case he ever stumbles upon this blog post!)

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