Sunday, March 02, 2008

Launch of HOG Gaelic Chapter Ireland

On Saturday, 1st March, I went along to the launch of the new Harley Owner's Group (H.O.G.) Chapter, Gaelic Chapter Ireland.

The location was at the new Dublin Harley-Davidson premises in Ballymount. I had a good look around at the new and second-hand bikes. The whole place looked very American, but very good - I liked it. Prices for parts and accessories looked OK too. There are some great looking new bikes, but my own 2003 bike still looked great in the car/bike park outside.

The event was not very well organized. I'd guess there were over 100 people there - a lot of leather and grey hair. It was attended by mostly middle-aged men (like myself) who all share a common bond - a love for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. There was a presentation from a HOG UK manager, but it was difficult to hear what she was saying due to noise and bad acoustics. She also had a presentation which was too small and difficult to see for most people there. Not very informative.

I recognised a few faces from the previous HOG Chapter (Ireland 1 Chapter) of which I was a (mostly inactive) member. I went on a few Sunday ride outs, as well as three St Patrick's Day parades with them (in 2001, 2002, and 2003). I signed up to join this new Chapter and will look out for new events - should be fun. I'd love to do the St Patrick's Day parade again. Though it is hard on the bike's engine, it was fantastic fun.

I'll be re-joining HOG in any case to get HOG Assistance insurance for my summer trip to in France - a "must have" for anyone travelling on the continent.

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