Sunday, March 30, 2008

Killiney Lions Club Dinner

Last evening, Roma and I went to the annual Killiney Lions Club dinner at Killiney Golf Club. It is our second year attending and it gave me the opportunity to wear my tuxedo as it was a black-tie event. Claire took the photo on the left of the two of us before we headed out for the evening.

I'm not in the Lions Club, but Roma joined the Killiney club about two years ago - she is to be the President next year!

It was a pleasant evening though it was nice to be one of the younger people attending - I'd say the average age was over 60. If the younger Lions Leos group were discounted the average age must have been closer to 70. Everybody at our table was retired, except for Roma and me!

We had a nice meal, not too much to drink, and we even got up to strut our stuff on the dance floor! We met a lot of people - of course Roma knows many more than I do. They are a nice group, but a bit formal with the ceremonial "traditional greeting" (which was a slow hand clap) for guests at the beginning. I expect to be attending a lot more events over the next year while Roma is President - she has mentioned that we will probably be invited to Holyhead in Wales as guests of the Lions club there. Two of the Wales Lions had wonderful dickie bows in the Welsh colours complete with dragon - fantastic!

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