Thursday, March 27, 2008

Being an Invigilator - Boring!

I'm in Cork this week again to deliver the Business Systems Analysis module over two days to 13 students on the NCI Diploma in Business Analysis and Consultancy.

Right now it is just after 09.00 and I am supervising an exam that they are taking for a previous module. I had forgotten how boring it is to be an Invigilator! Of course I'm not supposed to be blogging while supervising an exam. I'm supposed to be watching the students (which I am doing every few seconds). I also supervised an exam last evening - I didn't get finished until 20.30.

I used to supervise exams a lot when I was a Postgrad in Trinity - I even made it to Senior Invigilator! It was boring then too, but at least I got paid for it.

I called Jim O'Callaghan last evening in the hope that we can meet up this evening. It was good to talk to him again. If we don't meet, it is off to the cinema - I haven't been to a movie for a very long time.

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