Saturday, April 30, 2022

Going Electric

Last January I bought an VW Electric Vehicle, leaving the petrol world behind. I had no particular reason to go electric, I was very happy with my one-litre petrol car which was very economical (about 5 litres per 100km). But I just decided that I wanted "in" on the electric revolution now rather than wait several more years when the price difference between ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars and electric cars would be minimal. Also - range anxiety is real, but waiting for batteries that have longer ranges is a bit like waiting for the next generation of computers. there will always be a faster one next year!

My car's official maximum range is 505 kilometres as specified by the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). The advice from the manufacturer is to charge to 80%, so if I adhere to this - the range drops to 404 kilometres. In colder weather, I never get this - the effective range is no more than 350 kilometres. This is plenty for normal driving. 

I stopped using public chargers two months ago. South Dublin is not well served with public chargers, and I often found myself finding the charger spaces already occupied. There is a lot of waiting for chargers, and then a 45 minute wait while the car charges. I used the so-called "Granny Cable" for slow and overnight trickle charging instead. However, yesterday I got Electric Ireland to finally install a Home Charger - this will be my main charge point from now on using night rate electricity. I've yet to work it out, but I 'm guessing I will be able to get a charge up to 80% for around €6.

Only three months into EV driving, and there is no going back to petrol/diesel for me. I love EV cars!

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