Wednesday, April 20, 2022

3% Welsh!

When I first had the Ancestry DNA test done it indicated that I was of 100% Irish ethnicity - this was no real surprise as I found no non-Irish ancestors going back four generations to the late 1700s in my family tree. Most of my DNA matches with the Munster area - particularly North Cork where all my father's family were from. The Ancestry web site is constantly updating as more and more people do the DNA test and upload their results. It's good fun seeing a map of the world with where your 4th - 8th cousins live.

Today I had another look and was surprised to find that I am no longer 100% Irish! Ancestry tells me that I am 3% Welsh, though does not record anyone in Wales today who is even remotely related to me. Somewhere in my background there is Welsh blood - I wonder will I be able to find it? 

Rwy'n falch o fod yn rhan o Gymro 
(Google Translate: "I am proud to be part Welsh")

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