Thursday, January 14, 2021

Resisting Temptation to go back Lecturing

Recently, I turned down the opportunity to lecture some modules this coming semester at a College that I had not worked with before. I was flattered, but also very honoured to be asked. The modules did not quite suit me so it was an easy decision to say "no". Even if it was just a little bit - I was slightly tempted to give it a go.

Given that many of the things I had planned to do during retirement will not be possible for the next few months, it might have been a good use of my time to take on a module or two. I had said "no" to joining the Associate Faculty of part-time lecturers in my old College as I did not want to be tied down during a 12 week semester. I wanted the freedom to come and go as I please, and having classes every week would interfere with this. 

I'm wondering how many others who have retired during the Pandemic feel a little cheated and feel they might be better of back at work? Us retirees are all looking for things to do. I am recording a lot of videos for YouTube release and spending time building up my family tree. I'm also watching a lot of Netflix! 

I don't see myself going back to part-time teaching. Hopefully we will all be vaccinated before the end of the summer, and my retirement can really begin!

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