Monday, January 11, 2021

New YouTube video: "How To... Download and Insert a YouTube Video into PowerPoint with Mozilla Firefox"

In August 2019 I received the following Channel Violation message on my YouTube Channel:

Eugene O'Loughlin, your content violated YouTube's Community Guidelines and has been removed

The video was about how to download videos from YouTube using Mozilla Firefox - originally published on 23 October 2013. At the time I was genuinly shocked that I had allegedly violated some rule and I was very surprised that it took five years for this happen. I appealed the decison, but was rejected. It turned out that I was guilty of posting content that encouraged other users to violate YouTube's Terms of Service. Towards the end of the video I stated that downloading a video was a good way to avoid ads. Guilty m'lord!

The Channel Violation message is still located at the top of my Channel page. Before the video was taken down it had amassed 89,918 views, 177 Likes, and 15 Dislikes. I checked today if there are any other videos that show how to do the same thing, and there are hundreds. So I have decided to re-record without the "encouraging other users" message (I did this last year), and upload again. Fingers crossed that I have not violated any further rules as this would be my second strike - YouTube operates on a "three strikes and your out rule".

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