Friday, January 20, 2017

President Trump

Image source: Wikimedia Commons.
So - Donald J Trump has finally become the 45th President of the United States. Can we all stop holding our breath now? The world did not end when he swore to "uphold the Constitution of the United States" - like it or not he is now the man in the hottest seat in the world.

What will he be like? Will he be any worse than some of his predecessors who were slave owners, womanizers, warmongers, or criminals? Will he be any better than the leaders and statesmen who abolished slavery, saved democracy from despots, and who have already made America great? We don't know yet. I don't have high expectations, like a lot of people I thought his candidacy was a bit of a joke at the beginning, he seemed to have talked himself into losing the primaries as well as the election. But he won! Maybe he will win as President?

At first I am prepared to give the guy a shot and not pre-judge. A lot of people hate him, but 62,980,160 Americans voted for him - we should respect that mandate. Whatever the next four years give us, we must not forget that today's Inauguration is arguably the world's finest example of democracy in action.

I wish you well Mr President, but you have set yourself up for a fall with your "America First" policy. It will be among the greatest political achievements ever if you can succeed with even a fraction of what you propose to do. God Bless America (and the rest of the world too)!