Sunday, September 06, 2015

Motorcyclist (55) killed in collision with van via @Independent_ie #ThinkBike #SlowDown

Earlier this week I wrote about motorcycle safety and the tragic death of a Mexican biker in the full glare of YouTube. I also mentioned a 55 year old Irish biker (Seán Coleman), who died in an accident in Cork, and how this sent a shiver through me as I too am 55. Tonight the Irish Independent reports the death of another 55 year old  biker - this time in County Mayo. Another shiver runs through me, I could be reading a headline about my own death. May God be good to Seán and the latest biker my own age to die on our roads. 

To all bikers - slow down and ride safely. To everyone else (including bikers)...
Image source: Cumbria Crack.

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