Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Another Motorcyclist Dies #SlowDown #ThinkBike

The Irish Independent today shows a chilling video detailing the death of a motorcyclist on a dual-carriageway/motorway in Mexico. The 45 second helmetcam video shows the motorcyclist appearing to ride too fast into a bend and hits the centre barrier - the helmetcam in on the helmet of another motorcyclist riding behind.. Horrifically he is thrown over the barrier onto the oncoming road where he is killed when run over by a car. From what I can see the motorcyclist is entirely responsible for his own death by riding too fast.

It is chilling to watch the death of anyone - it seems so much part of what we do today that a video like this gets posted on the Internet. No doubt it will force some motorcyclists to slow down, but it should shock everyone. 

About this time last year I wrote about the shocking video and death of David Holmes riding at 156 kph, when his family allowed the video from his own helmetcam to be posted on-line. None of us want to be a statistic or end up with 45 seconds of fame on YouTube where the world watches us die.

Fellow bikers - please slow down!

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