Monday, March 16, 2015

Review: The Book of Mormon

On Saturday last Roma and I went to see "The Book of Mormon" at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London (it was a Christmas present to ourselves!). I've seen some brilliant musicals in my time but this was by far the most enjoyable!

The music is great, the acting was very strong, the singing was fantastic, and the humour was amazing. It is a bit of a piss-take on the Church of the Latter Day Saints, but I felt it slagged off religion in general. There's no way that a musical like this could be done for all religions - I remember the controversies when Jesus Christ Superstar first came out - it is very tame compared to the BoM. Don't go to this if you are easily offended by bad language and blasphemy. This is satire at its best. 

Below is is the opening number "Hello" as performed at the Tony Awards - enjoy!

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