Saturday, June 28, 2014

On The Pat Kenny Show talking about the #WildAtlanticWay @NewstalkFM @PatKennyNT #NTFM

Yesterday I was invited on to the Pat Kenny Show to talk about my new book "Exploring Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way: A Motorcycle Odyssey" which was broadcast from the Trident Hotel in Kinsale, Co Cork. The theme of the show was about the Wild Atlantic Way and it was a great opportunity for me to plug the book. I arrived in plenty of time and I could see the format of the show before I went "on air". The Newstalk staff put me at ease straight away, and Pat himself was very relaxed.

Before the show I had been asked by the show's researchers to send in some items from the book for Pat to ask me about - I was a  bit nervous as I did not know in advance which ones he would ask me. I even made an error when I said "year" instead of "day" when talking about the Blacksod Lighthouse. Before I know it the interview was over - it lasted exactly eight minutes. Below is the embed code from Newstalk website - my bit starts at 19:30 and ends at 27:30:

After the interview I had great reaction from the locals and even sold two books afterwards in the nearby Vista Bistro where I met an old school pal who lives in Kinsale for lunch. It was a long way to travel for such a short interview, but hopefully more exposure on a great show like Pat Kenny's will promote the book and add to sales!

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