Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Final Class of Long Semester

Today was my last class of Semester II - a Business Analysis class on the Higher Diploma in Data Analytics. It seems a long time since 27th January 19 weeks ago when I had my first class this semester.  This is much longer than normal and it was quite difficult to still be teaching while exams were taking place and had to be marked. The normal semester ended on 2nd May, and usually this means the end of teaching until September. This year, due to a late starting course, I am now finished with just a week to go before holidays. I still have a load of marking to do and little time to engage in normal academic activities in June such as attending Conferences and doing some research. I had also hoped to create a few more YouTube videos - I still might get one or two done before I finish.
Now for some of this!
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Thanks to all students who stuck with me this semester - I hope I don't see any of you back in College for the repeats in August!

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