Friday, December 27, 2013

Who is watching educational videos on Christmas Day?

The annual fall off in viewing numbers for my YouTube channel has been as predictably sharp again this year. Any holiday time such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Summer always results in a drop off in daily viewing numbers. On Christmas Day this year there were 2,189 views and I am curious as to who was watching on this day and where they came from. 

Top of the list was 403 views from the United States, followed by India (249), UK (138), Malaysia (127), Saudi Arabia (79), Turkey (74), Canada (68), and the Philippines (56). At the bottom of the list there are loads of countries that there are no views from, but there is one each from Kazakhstan, Myanmar (Burma), Yemen, Suriname, Tanzania, and Laos. Incidentally there were 10 from Ireland, so I know that most of my own students are not tuning in between their turkey and plum pudding! 

If the trends and patterns of that past few years are to continue, then the daily views figures should return to their pre-Christmas values around the middle of January and then continue to grow slightly until the summer (with a predicted drop off around Easter). I am planning loads more videos, especially updates of existing Excel and PowerPoint videos for Office 365 (2013).

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