Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reorganization of YouTube Playlists

As the volume of videos on my Learning with Dr Eugene O'Loughlin I have re-arranged the Playlists to better reflect the different types of videos on the channel. My Playlist selection is now as follows:

  • Basic Statistics in Excel 2010
  • How To... Word 2003
  • How To... Word 2010
  • How To... Excel 2003
  • How To... Excel 2010
  • How To... Excel 2013
  • How To... Powerpoint 2003
  • How To... PowerPoint 2010
  • How To... PowerPoint 2013
  • How To... Moodle
  • Problem-Solving Techniques
Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

One of my viewers also suggested this to me and of course YouTube have plans to create courses out of playlists in the near future (with edX I think). Some videos are in more than one playlist, and I hope to grow above list to shortly include videos on more Microsoft Office 365 tools.

Despite this, most of the channel's video views are not through either the channel page or though the previous playlists. Only 0.6% (23,347) and 0.1% (2,187) of 3,800,742 views are via the channel and playlists respectively. So I don't expect the above change to do anything very much to improve viewing numbers, but it will help me to be a bit more organized.

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