Friday, November 15, 2013

"How To...Create a Basic Gantt Chart in Excel 2010" reaches half a million views on @YouTube! #wow #analytics

The Learn with Dr Eugene O'Loughlin YouTube Channel has reached another landmark today as one of the videos has passed the 500,000 views mark. This is a WOW moment for me and I did not for one second think that so many people would view this video when I first posted it on 4th January 2011 last. As I write, the video today has 505,782 views. There are similar videos on how to create Gantt charts in Excel versions 2003 and 2013. The combined total of views for all three Gantt chart videos is 621,601 views - WOW again! A BIG THANK YOU to all my viewers!

Some data on the "How To...Create a Basic Gantt Chart in Excel 2010" video since it was posted:

  • 51 Dislikes
  • 744 Favourites added
  • 497 subscribers
  • 157,811 views from the United States
  • 27,129 views from Ireland
  • 2 views each from Togo, St Helena, Eritrea, and San Marino
  • 65% Male, 35% Female
  • 1,456,750 estimated minutes watched (since 01-SEP-2012) = 2 years, 281 days
  • €**** Total estimated earnings ;-)

Here's the landmark video:

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