Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunny Spain

Stories of torrential rain and flooding in Ireland, the UK, and Russia have reached us in the sunny south-east of Spain where it is dry every day and the sun shines all the time. Every blade of grass or crop here has to be irrigated regularly - this place would turn to desert in a few weeks without water. Close to where we are is the Lo Pagan salt flats where much of the salt that is spread on Northern European roads in the winter is produced. Climate is a funny thing when you see that we have more water Ireland than we need, and the Spanish are short of water - if only we could trade water for salt and oranges?

Image source: Pre7oriano.
Some day I bet that fresh water will be an export commodity. If we had oil or gas in Ireland we would find a way to pipe it to a European network - why not do the same with water?

We have just under two days left in Spain as I write this. Daily high temperatures of 35C+ are way too hot for us Irish, so in some ways I am looking forward to getting home and not worry about getting my bald patch scorched. Isn't it a pity that we can't order our climate from Mother Nature? I would settle for highs of 25C, with enough rain to keep the grass green and the farmers happy.

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