Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alasdar's Blog

I have started to follow Alasdar's Blog - Alasdar Browne runs Precision Coaching, a company that specializes in providing Coaching, Leadership, and Mentoring services. As part of his services, Alasdar blogs about these topics and gives his insightful opinion on how we can all develop better as people and as a business.

Alasdar's latest post is about Great Service Comes From The Heart, which is based on a short video. Alasdar's message from this is that "The milk of human kindness is really a CHOICE........." - check it out, it makes you think.

Other posts range from a really thought provoking Learning to say 'No'.........., to Abraham Lincoln's Leadership Principles, and to my favourite (so far) Eat That Frog....... Alasdar posts about once a week and if you are interested in improving your outlook and attitude to what you do, both in your personal and business life, it is a blog definitely worth following.

I should also mention that Alasdar "Ali" Browne was a school mate of mine in Cistercian College Roscrea from 1972 to 1977. In my New Taoiseach post (7th May, 2008), Ali is fourth from the left in the third row from the back. If you check out his photo on his blog you'll note that he hasn't changed a bit in 32 years!

Great blog Ali - keep it up!

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