Monday, June 30, 2008

30th June – Well settled in to Villa Sigean

First two days are over and time to relax. We have settled in well and so far no complaints with the villa. We had thought there would be beach towels available and that there would be Internet access (the web site said there was). Neither is available. So we will buy some towels today in a Super U and I have to go to the local pub where they have free WiFi to upload these posts to my Blog. The things I have to do in this Information Age!

I always when I am holiday finally feel that I am only on holiday when I can have a beer during the day. Roma and I strolled down to the town centre where we sat outside with a Pelforth beer. At last – now I can fully relax. Having a beer in the middle of the day is something I almost never do, so it is a real holiday treat for me.

We also went down to see Port-la-Nouvelle (we have already christened this “Newport”). Super U was closed, but we had a good look around – nice holiday type town. We bought some bread (French of course) for lunch. Lazy afternoon by the pool – it is very hot, about 32 C. Kate and I played boules and table tennis, and I also played piggy-in-the-middle in the pool with Vicki and Emma. Some cooler weather is coming according to Le Monde – as I write this it is Monday morning and cloudy.

Last evening we went back down to Newport for dinner – I had a Dorado-like fish which was nice. All during dinner I was thinking of the Euro 2008 final between Germany and Spain – I got to see most of the second half, and some bits as we passed bars and restaurants. It looked a bit boring, so maybe I didn’t miss much. My bet on Germany is lost, but I got good value for my €10 – all the way to the final.

I tried the bike this morning and it started first time! I took it for a spin to Newport as I'm certain that I ran down the battery yesterday trying to start it. Good to be on the Harley in sandals, shorts, and t-shirt - this feels good. I called HOG Assistance to find the location of the nearest Harley dealer (Beziers) - but they are closed on Mondays. I'll contact them tomorrow to arrange a fix for my starter motor.

I'm now sitting at a small table on the main street of Sigean with a beer and a wireless connection in Bar la Rotonde. Roma and the girls are off to the Super U in Newport. Lots of the local young lads are riding by on their very noisy scooters and bikes (two-stroke engines) - at least I am not the only person with a loud motorbike around here.

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