Thursday, June 13, 2024


I recently visited Sardinia for a short holiday - I had never been to this beautiful island before. We stayed in Alghero Old Town which was a ideal location to explore Alghero and to enjoy the evening sun setting over Alghero Bay. We certainly enjoyed the Italian food. I had four pizzas in the ten days that we were there!

We didn't know it when we booked, but the World Rally Championship was in Sardinia while we were there - Alghero was the headquarters of the Rally for three days. There was an interesting tented village with old rally cars, merch, food & drink, plus rally cars of course. We watched the parade of rally cars which was noisy and fun. After the parade, the cars drove off to begin the real stuff of rallying, which we did not see.

Another first was hiring e-bikes - expensive, but fab. We toured the countryside around Alghero, stopping to visit a place called Nuraghe Palmavera, which is an archaeological site featuring stone ruins of a Bronze Age Nuragic settlement. We also stopped at the Ledà d'Ittiri wine resort near Fertilia where we were treated to generous amounts of different wines to taste.

We took the boat out to see the Neptune Cavern - very crowded, but fun and interesting. We also went to visit the nearby city of Sassari by train. It was a bit if a waste of a day because nearly everything was closed when we arrived. 

Alghero is a lovely small city to relax in - the Sardinians are very friendly and have good English. It seems to be a popular place for Italians to holiday - there were very few British people, and just a few Irish. We rarely heard English being spoken.

Enjoying the evening sunset.

At the Nuraghe Palmavera.

Piazza d'Italia, Sassari.

A poser with some old rally cars.

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