Monday, February 20, 2023

Vietnam - Halong Bay

Leaving Hanoi, we decided to take a one night cruise in Halong Bay. we had not been on a cruise ship before, but this one catered for just 14 people - so was nice and compact. The “Ginger” was one of several ships in a crowed bay. The crew on this ship were fantastic, and could not do too much for you. The food is top class and presented brilliantly.

Halong Bay is a world Heritage site, and it’s easy to see why. Hundreds of islands stick out from the sea like stalagmites. You can’t get enough of just sitting on deck and watching this wonder of nature. It is however, spoiled by the flotilla of plastic and other rubbish that floats on the sea.

We also took an excursion from the Ginger to Cat Ba Island where we were treated to a trip through a small jungle (my first time) down to a remote holiday location.

Definitely worth doing!

Definitely worth doing!

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