Friday, October 14, 2022

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2nd Booster Done!

Yesterday I received my 2nd Covid-19 booster vaccine at the Shoreline Leisure Centre in Greystones. I was really keen to get the booster coming into the winter. I contracted Covid last May and thankfully was not very sick - just one day of feeling really drained. The vaccine I got is the new SpikeVax (formerly Moderna) one, I have now received AstraZenica (2), Pfizer, and SpikeVax - quite the vaccine cocktail!

It is amazing how quickly the pandemic is fading from our minds. It took me a while to find a face mask and I had forgotten all about the vaccine centres. Even the blue/green signs everywhere seemed new. It is strange to think that I spent a huge amount of time last year as a volunteer in the Aviva, City West, and RDS Mass Vaccination Centres. The last time I was in the Shoreline Centre there was a queue all around the car park and out into the main road. There were only about 10 people there yesterday. Indeed there must have been queues like this in centres all around the world. Covid is probably one of the biggest and most historic things to happen to us all - we should not forget.

It remains to be seen if Covid-19 will disrupt our lives again, but I feel a little bit safer today thanks to the wonderful Barbara who vaccinated me yesterday, all the staff at the Shoreline Centre, and indeed all the doctors, nurses, and scientists who have protected so many people as a results of their work.

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