Monday, September 16, 2019

Community Guidelines - Harmful or Dangerous Content

It is now three weeks since YouTube reported to me that one of my videos had violated their "Community Guidelines" as it was deemed to be "Harmful or Dangerous Content", and would be removed within 7 days. The video has now been removed, and I have a "Warning" on my channel. At the time I accepted this decision even though I had absolutely no idea why my educational video was taken down. I checked the video for "Harmful or Dangerous Content" and concluded that my explanation of how to use the Mozilla Firefox browser to download YouTube videos for use in PowerPoint was most definitely not "Harmful or Dangerous Content".

Here's YouTube's own video about what "Harmful or Dangerous Content" is:

Annoyingly, a search in YouTube for the Firefox Add-On (Easy YouTube Downloader), which I used in my video, shows that there are hundreds of videos showing how to use the same add-on, including this one which has been on YouTube for over 10 years. How come YouTube's algorithm does not pick them up and block them?

I appealed the decision, but presumably this has failed because the video was taken down and YouTube have not responded to my appeal. I have appealed again today.

YouTube's algorithm detected something in my video - I think I can be fairly certain that no person in a YouTube office looked at my video and decided it was "Harmful or Dangerous Content". It is possible that someone flagged my video as inappropriate, and YouTube took it down in response. One colleague told me that another possible reason for removing my video was that if I downloaded a video for use in PowerPoint, there would be no ads on it and therefore YouTube make no money. But why take down mine, and leave hundreds of others up?

I have remade the video, it needed to be updated anyway, and even though I have uploaded it to YouTube - it is not yet published. I'm not sure when I will publish it - perhaps when the Warning is removed from my channel. Should I have another violation, I will get a "Strike" - three "Strikes" and I'm out. 

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