Tuesday, May 29, 2018

29th May 1968 #ilovefootball

Exactly 50 years ago I watched my first ever football game on TV. It was the European Cup final between Manchester United and Benfica, United won 4-1 after extra time. At the time I was 8, nearly 9 years old.

I watched this game in my grandmother's house in Mount Argus - I must have been staying for a few days. As far as I recall, there was no mention of the game beforehand - I had no knowledge of football as I had never watched it before. My glamorous aunt Eileen came in to the house and said she wanted to watch Georgie Best (I think she fancied him!) - so I joined her in watching the game on a small black and white TV. My grandmother was concerned about me watching TV for so long, and the effect it might have on my eyes. So Eileen gave me sun glasses, and I watched my first match with them on. Weird. But wonderful. Many years later I saw a photo from the game and realised that Man Utd were wearing blur jerseys. I thought they wore grey!

I remember Bobby Charlton's two goals, but George Best was the star of the show for Eileen and me. He scored in extra time and we jumped around my granny's kitchen. I had never heard of Man Utd, Charlton, or Best before - but I was an instant fan of football. And wanted more. Today 50 years later - I still want more. So every time I see an eight year old boy at a game - I see myself 50 year ago in the same wonder of putting the ball into the net.

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