Thursday, February 15, 2018

Post #2000 #Blogging

On 13th November 2006, I published my First Blog Post. Today, over 11 years later, this is my 2,000th post. Never would I have thought back then that I would write so much and that it would become part of me. I have written about education, family, sport, travel, books, politics, history, technology, data analytics, and yes - some shite too!

Below I've plotted (using Tableau) the number of posts each month since I started blogging:

Click/Tap image to enlarge.
2016 (in red) sticks out as it was the year I challenged myself to write a blog post every day - which I found difficult to do, and will probably not try again for some time. I can also see it took me a couple of years to get going. After my first post of just two posts in 2006, I only made 15 posts in 2007. 

I've always felt that this blog is a personal website - blogs were originally set up as "web logs", a kind of on-line diary. I often wish I had started doing this when I was much younger - I'd love to reach back to my school and college days (which are fast fading as memories). I have regularly received comments on this blog which have slagged me off, criticised me, disagreed with me, supported me, and of course lots of spam. It can be liberating (and scary) to share thoughts and discuss topics of the day on-line - but what the hell. Not that many people read this blog, though posts do show up in Linkedin views quite a bit. When I write about educational matters it usually gets picked up by, which can double or treble views.

Thanks to all those who have read any of my blog posts. I plan to keep going for at least another 11 years!

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