Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Hans Rosling Animation in Tableau #Analytics #DataViz

I was always fascinated by a TED talk given by Professor Hans Rosling called "The best Stats you have ever seen". In particular his animation of a bubble chart comparing fertility rates, life expectancy, and population for every country from 1960 to 2013. This is the relevant bit in the video (2:39 - 5:02):

I've always wanted to recreate his animation, and now thanks to Kirill Eremenko (via Udemy) - I know how to do it in Tableau Software. It turns out to be a very straight-forward task. I have data for 53 years downloaded from The World Bank - essentially I get Tableau to plot 53 bubble charts and animate them in sequence. Tableau allows a lot of cool filtering too - here's a short video I've made summarising my result:

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