Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama Wins!

Congratulations to US President Barack Obama on his re-election victory today. I'm sure that most Irish people are pleased that he won, given that he is "one of us" from Moneygall!

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I watched the early results come in, but when I saw the exit polls for Florida, Ohio, and Virginia shading it towards Obama I felt that he had done enough to win and went to sleep. I was interested to see that the exit polls were a very good match for the actual outcomes (something we talked about when discussing sampling in Statistics class today).

Perhaps the most telling comment I heard of TV news this morning was an analyst on FOX News saying that Romney "ran out of white people to vote for him". The Republican Party must dump the Tea Party and right wing policies if they are to win back the middle ground. If Sarah Palin or Rick Santorum had been the Republican cancidate, Obama would have won by a land-slide. The next election in 2016 will be interesting as there will be no incumbent President. The choice of candidates will be important - the search is on for an African American woman with  Latino blood!


  1. I see the main problem with my potential candidacy for 2016 is that i'm not American. Secondly I'm not a woman! Therefore, with these factors in mind i won't put in for a sex change followed by elocution lessons and stick with dancing the Samba on the next BBC Strictly Come Dancing show!Thanks Eugene and all the best, Louis

  2. My dreams of attaining presidency of the USA in 2016 have been dashed! Thanks to you Eugene, I will not proceed with my sex change followed by elocution lessons. Instead, I will continue preparing to dance the Samba in the next instalment of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing show - an Olympian task in itself. All the best, Louis