Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How To...Draw a Polar Diagram in Excel

I have added a new video to YouTube as part of my "How To..." series. This one is about drawing Polar Diagrams in Microsoft Excel. I teach about Polar Diagrams as part of the subject of Performance Measurement. They are really useful and easy to draw - they can graphically show gaps in performance without the detail of figures.

It took me a few hours to create this video - I made so many mistakes that I had to re-record it several times. I used PowerPoint to record the audio and Audacity to edit the .WAV files. I found that the files skipped a lot so that they sounded like I had deleted very short sections. In the end, I recorded the audio in one take using Audacity and exported the audio to an MP3 file. I imported this into Windows Media Maker to which I also added the slides. I used the Print Screen button to capture the slides and PaintShop Pro to turn them into .JPG files. Windows Movie Maker converted this into a movie - this is embedded above and also uploaded into YouTube.


  1. Why not use a line graph for this type of data?

  2. Perhaps you are right. The purpose here is to show how to draw a polar diagram, not to make best yo of the data.

    Thank you for your comment!

  3. Needed to create two polar diagrams to draw a comparison in service quality between two organisations for a class assignment.
    This video was very helpful, easy to understand and well spoken, keep it up.